Air Freight

Thanks to our colleagues in the Air Freight departments of TPG Express we can provide daily departures to and from all major airports and by all major airlines across the world.
Our goal is always to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers, handling all types of cargo including time-sensitive, valuable, or perishable cargoes.

Shipping goods by Air usually flags that this cargo is time-sensitive, high value or perishable.
Our goal is to provide a service fully suited to your product, ensuring it arrives at the right time, in the right condition at the right price. Thanks to our well-established relationship with the most important airlines and our IATA License in place, we can guarantee a vast range of services.
We take care of different types of deliveries, from urgent to more complex shipments, such as high value and perishable cargoes.

Discover our full range of AIR FREIGHT services:

tpge express

The best solution for time-sensitive, high priority shipments. We will provide the fastest possible transit times and will try to turn hours into minutes.

tpge standard

Matching the best available transit time at the desired cost. The perfect mix to suit your needs.

tpge economy

The cost-effective way to get your goods to their destination still ensuring reliable transportation with slightly longer transit times.

tpge charter

Direct flights according to our customers’ requirements and specifications.

tpge courier

On Board Courier - personal delivery of documents or small packages to the designated recipient.

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